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Establish your identity as an online author - the way you want it. 

  • a short biography
  • your photo
  • your keywords
  • a summary of your creative topics

We publish your profile - straight away, and with no commitment necessary.1.

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My e-book online at www.UPblisher.com

Publish and distribute your best book - digitally!

  • one year's worth of digital publication and distribution
  • rates depend on the size of your books
  • reduced rates for subsequent years
  • a contract which protects your rights and sets out compensation terms and conditions
  • one year's worth of distribution to enthusiastic readers – plus access to their feedback!

Do you have one or more unpublished works which are not under copyright?
Try out our publication/distribution offer!


For a fixed annual fee for each published work, we provide the following

  • semantic analysis of your text so that it will show up easily in our search engine
  • publication of your novel, short story or comic album, plus listing on our website
  • putting your Word file into the most popular formats: PDF and ePub
  • distributing your work to readers who like the category in which you’re publishing


  • your work is published just the way you want it
  • publication is quick and simple
  • you retain your intellectual property rights
  • your work is distributed to a panel of targeted readers
  • you get unprecedented visibility
  • you get 25% of the sale price including tax for each copy of your e-book sold

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Subscription to www.UPblisher.com's digital publishing and distribution services takes the form of an annual payment inclusive of tax

Publication and distribution
(Cost per work put online)
1st year 2nd year renewal 3rd year renewal
1 work /1 language 1 work /1 language 1 work /1 language
less than 40 pages 60 € 30 € 15 €
41 - 80 pages 100 € 50 € 25 €
81 - 150 pages 140 € 70 € 35 €
151 - 300 pages 170 € 85 € 42 €
301 - 500 pages 200 € 100 € 50 €
over 500 pages 220 € 110 € 55 €

Key details…

Rates are based on the number of pages in your Word document in A5 format and moderate margins, rather than the number of signs or characters.