What is e-publishing (a.k.a. digital publishing?)

Publishing a novel, short story, play or comic album digitally is simple, quick - and a sure way of showcasing your talent!

  • choose the work to be published
  • write your own summary and a short biography
  • prepare a picture of yourself (jpg format)
  • make a list of keywords which provide the best summary of your work or your style
  • choose your publication criteria (title, pseudonym, category, form, etc.)
  • prepare your manuscript in Word format
  • send all these elements by email to auteurs@upblisher.com
  • sign your contract, pay your publishing fees (unless you've got a special offer) and send them
    to Vasca-UPblisher, 11bis, rue de Moscou 75008 Paris

And that's all there is to it!

We'll put your file into the most popular e-book formats

Your work will be published no later than two months after it's been received to www.UPblisher.com.

It's made available online right from publication.

Tip: the summary should make people interested in reading more. Whet your readers' appetites!